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Cape Lookout

A couple weekends ago I went to the coast with a group of friends on an annual beach house trip, and while …


Wind Mountain – A quick hike

Awhile back, when the weather was still cold and mostly gross outside, we had one glorious, sunny day. I took advantage with …


Canada Road Trip Part 3

Do you remember a while back when I posted some photos of my road trip to Canada back in the fall? Well I’m …


Exploring Bend, OR part 2

As promised I’m sharing the second day of our Bend adventure! On day two we woke up and went down to the …


Exploring Bend, OR

Since moving to Oregon I’ve heard nothing but good things about Bend and I finally got around to checking it out. I went …


Hiking – Angel’s Rest

Man oh man I didn’t mean to let this much time pass between posts! My excuses are: I’ve been busy (duh) and …