Canada Road Trip Part 3

IMG_8138Do you remember a while back when I posted some photos of my road trip to Canada back in the fall? Well I’m finally getting around to showing the rest of them!

When I last left off we were traveling south through Jasper National Park in Canada looking at some pretty majestic scenery. We ended up staying in Golden outside of the park because we wanted to check out Glacier National Park the next day. I don’t have many pics of this portion of the trip because it was sort of a bust. When we woke up there was a lot of smoke in the air and it was raining, so we were unable to see any of the glaciers in the park. We took one small trail through a rock garden and we ended up getting lost. We knew the trail was a loop and we decided to head back in the direction of our car so we just randomly climbed some hills and them finally stumbled back upon the trail again.

After that we headed back toward Banff NP, traveling through Yoho National Park on the way. We stopped off at the natural bridge area and Takkakaw Falls.

IMG_8009IMG_7993 IMG_8000 IMG_8001You might wonder why I’m laughing in this picture. Well, it’s because as I was giving my camera to Justin to take a picture I smacked myself in the head with my camera pretty hard, right in front of a bunch of people who were also laughing at me (politely). All in all it was a fail moment, but one that was taken in good spirits. Ha! IMG_8020This is Takkakaw Falls, and the pictures don’t do it justice. I was in awe of the force of this powerful falls, but unfortunately you can’t really see that from the pictures. The water was hitting some rocks which propelled the waterfall out from the side of the mountain! I really wish we had been there when the weather was better, but oh well. IMG_8012IMG_8039IMG_8054 After Yoho, we headed into Banff and went to Moraine Lake and Lake Louise. These are supposed to be two of the most jaw dropping places to see in this area, but unfortunately the weather didn’t really cooperate with us, so we didn’t get to experience them in their full glory. It’s just another excuse to go back! IMG_8057 This is the trail up to the viewpoint of Moraine Lake. This lake is known for it’s incredible blue color that is magnified by the glacial particles suspended in the water. I was pretty impressed by what we saw from this lake so I can’t imagine what it might be like on a clear day! IMG_8062 This is Lake Louise and I know that we saw a very disheartening view of it. I have to go back! IMG_8091IMG_8106 IMG_8107 IMG_8112That night we drove back to Banff and got a rather expensive room for the night. (Make reservations ahead of time if you’re going to Banff!) We went to Magpie and Stump for a late night dinner since everything else was closed. They had some pretty tasty tacos and some even tastier tequila shots. They serve their tequila shots with a second “chaser” shot called Verdita, which is a sweet and slightly spicy juice. They even give out the recipe for Verdita on their website, so next time you’re having a party with tequila themed drinks give it a try!
The next morning we drove back out to the Paint Pots trail where they used to gather the clay to manufacture paints. Eventually they decided to preserve the area instead of using all the ochre clay, and what is left is an almost alien-like orange landscape. IMG_8151 IMG_8157 IMG_8161 IMG_8175 IMG_8178 Our next stop was Marble Canyon which seems to come out of nowhere! There are some rather large and beautiful waterfalls at the top of the canyon and it’s set against a beautiful mountain background, complete with fat chipmunks running around! IMG_8184 IMG_8198 IMG_8221 IMG_8226 IMG_8234 IMG_8237I don’t want to overload you with vacation pics so I’ll leave the rest for another day!

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